Written by Willie Ripple and April Burdick

As an entrepreneur and a student of business marketing, we have learned how important it is to keep contact information for clients and vendors accurate and up to date. Over the last several months we have worked to input ten years’ worth of information into a database. Keeping the list current allows for our marketing strategy to be simple and easy, which has proven to be very helpful and beneficial to my clients. Willie Ripple Events lists provide us with instant retrieval of past events.

Staying in touch with past clients and letting them know that we are here for them is a good way to get repeat business and allows them to advertise for us by using word of mouth marketing.

Finally, revisiting our vendor lists from time to time allows us to match each and every vendor with our current or prospective clients. How often do you update your list? What database do you use? How do you keep in touch with past clients and vendors?