Designer Showcase 2016, President’s Choice Winner

Here is what my team said about our most recent win on February 16.

From Willie Ripple, CSEP | Willie Ripple Events

Creativity, collaboration, and common goals are what made my Around the World in 80 Days team successful.  My strategy when pulling together my team was to first choose people that were dedicated to their careers, hard workers, and willing to go the extra mile.  I’ll always remember our first meeting at Panera Bread.  It was electrifying!  We talked about the Designer Showcase from past years, viewed last year’s video and photos, and then talked about themes.  Once I mentioned the idea for Around the World in 80 Days, then fireworks were exploding from everyone’s minds.  I knew we had a winning theme and a winning team.  Now, we had to produce.  So many ideas weren’t even used, crazy ones like floating the hot air balloon across our vignette.  Our core team worked very hard, each of them creating and adding to the overall success, everyone helping each other; we were a family for this short time, and now event-planning friends forever.  Once we added other sponsors to the mix, our vignette magically took form to win the 2016 President’s Choice Award for the 2016 Annual Designer Showcase, ISES Denver.  This award, voted on by “past ISES presidents” means a lot because each president is highly respected in the industry and winners in their own careers.  I knew we needed to impress them to get their votes.  Thank you ISES for this opportunity and thank you to our presidents for seeing something in our booth that made you cast your vote for our team.  I am forever honored.

from Laney Hall, Paper Addict | Platypus Papers

This year we got to work with an amazing, committed, and very professional team on Around the World in 80 Days.  Each company really brought forth their best work and together we were able to create a really cohesive and outstanding piece of work.  We loved the brainstorming sessions, and excitement that comes from a whole group when we agree on an idea and direction.  It’s a really big honor to win the President’s Choice award because the current and past presidents of ISES Denver have all been in the events industry for a number of years and they all know what it takes to create a really cohesive and complete showcase.  As stationers, we really appreciate that eye for detail, knowing that even the small details we’ve created will be seen and appreciated.


from Scott Hittelman | Lighting and Design by Scott

Winning the award meant a few things to me.  First and foremost, it was an honor to be working with such talented people.  Second, it was cool to see how the Designer Showcase became a learning tool to me and observe how our team could work together to make our ideas and trends take form as we chose our theme–Around the World in 80 Days.  Finally, working with this group of talented people helped me to use my talents by expanding on my design concepts, creating an awesome hot air balloon that I now rent out.

from Belinda Porter | Of the Vine Events & Catering

The Designer Showcase for ISES 2016 was quite an event!  We didn’t realize how big this event was, and therefore are honored to be a part of such a wonderful milestone.  Choosing Around the World in 80 Days became a challenge that we, as a team, took on and worked until we were each satisfied with all aspects of our design.  Of The Vine Events and Catering was glad that we could showcase what a boutique caterer can do.  We loved having the opportunity to build a menu from the ground up.  Working with our chef to create a unique menu to take the palette around the world was exciting.

We want to thank Willie for including us and would work with this team anytime!  We each had our own strength in what our expertise was.  Not only do we each bring to the table our gifts and talents, but we worked very well as a team.  Fun and hard work was had by all!


from Donise Newkirk | A Berry in the Wild, LLC |

Winning the President’s Choice Award for Around the World in 80 Days at the Designer Showcase was a thrilling experience I will not forget!  I just moved here from California in September 2015 and launched into the world of ISES for the first time.  The spark of excitement and creativity that erupted simultaneously between our team (who I’d met for the first time) was awesome!  So from the beginning I was confident I was in the right place.   The team represented quality workmanship in product and character that I was willing to be part of.  These qualities played out in our booth as well as cementing friendships and professional connections.  Felt honored to have won!


The Winning Team

Team captain, trends advisor, logistics:  Willie Ripple Events | Around the world in food & display:  Of the Vine Catering & Events | Balloon, lighting, pipe & drape, marquee:  Lighting & Design by Scott | Ticket Booth, walls, decor, train tracks, floral:  A Berry in the Wild | Invitation suite, menu, food signs, & stands, betting board:  Platypus Papers

with special thanks to

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