We have enjoyed having two new interns working with Willie Ripple Events for the past few months. Meet them here:

Katy and Kelly photo IMG_0892
When I, Willie Ripple, CSEP, (to the left in the photo) first met Katy (in the middle of the photo) she said she either goes by Katherine or Katy. For whatever reason, we at Willie Ripple Events gave her the name of Katy. Katy is a highly motivated college student pursuing an Event Planning certification, she is interested in arranging and coordinating events. Her many traits include being detail oriented, organized, and hardworking with interests in multiple aspects of Event Planning, and she is also excellent with social media, Photoshop and other computer software’s. She is seeking opportunities to grow in areas of marketing and design, and hopes to finish getting her Event Planning certification and pursue an associate’s degree in marketing. Some of her tasks have included assisting Willie Ripple Events in areas of technology such as uploading and filing large amount of photographs from previous events and helping to create methods to improve the turnout of social media sites. She has also created some awesome posters and props for an upcoming events, created inspiration boards for a future wedding, and added “her spark” to other behind the scenes happenings.

Katy says “I am enjoying the experience, and seeing the logistics of an event and what it looks like behind the scenes. I’m looking forward to helping host an event and getting the opportunity to see the process and/or responsibility of being an on-site event planner and what it entails in reality.”

And then there is Kelly (to the right in the photo), another intern who is in class with Katy. They are both at Emily Griffith Technical College and will be graduating June 3, 2016 with certificates in Event Planning. Kelly aspires to work as an event planner at an established venue. She says this about herself “I am a reliable and passionate Event Planning Professional with excellent communication and organizational skills. I am highly adept at managing event logistics and focusing on customer expectations to create meaningful experiences. I possess a strong drive to work systematically, solve problems and enhance the dynamic of any team.” Kelly is amazingly fast typing on a computer….she used to work at transcribing words. She has done many things for us to include research, filing emails, creating decor, creating production notebooks, and requesting RFP’s.

We enjoyed taking both girls to industry networking events & meetings and open house parties. My most fond memory of them will be our most recent burning edges around “wanted posters” for an upcoming event. Kelly and Katy have offered a lot to Willie Ripple Events and we know when they leave us they will both be successful. We have also enjoyed our talks with them both about their futures and if anyone is deciding to use interns they do add a different culture to your business and let you see things from different perspectives.