One of the services we offer at Willie Ripple Events is to find transportation to fit our client and guest needs for their events. For one of our upcoming summer events we need to transport 40-50 guests from two hotels to a museum and back after the event. We did the research and found many options then presented them to the client to choose. This client close to use an 18 passenger limo that will take assorted trips back and forth that will fit perfectly with guests schedules and our timeline.

For our summer client we were able to utilize our awesome database to get eight bids to include shuttles, buses, Uber, and limos. Yes, crazy as it is sometimes Uber and/or Lyft can do the trick. We recently had a wedding bridal party that used Uber as their mode of transportation, it was fun, unique and made for some interesting photos. We also help the client to get the best value for their dollar.

This service of ours is very affordable, and can be added to a current event as a-la-carte, or we can be hired to do just this portion of an event. So, when the occasion arises call Willie Ripple Events for any transportation needs.

Finally, what form of transportation have you had the most fun using and why?