Yes, we have a team. We have the typical admin assistants and bookkeepers and CPA’s working for us for the everyday management of our business. Then we have our event team, and each person is qualified and trained for each event. They all wear Willie Ripple Events nametags so they can easily be identified at your event. We choose the correct staff (read about Darla and Cindy below) depending on the event type and you will find the cost breakdown of each staff member on your contract and invoice. We also discuss with you the need for staff so you are 100% informed. We occasionaly work with college interns. If an intern is shadowing us at your event you are helping to advance their education. The intern will be fully trained before being at your event and 100% professional. Scroll down to see where some of our past interns are now. We are proud of each of them.


Darla Disner is an experienced event professional with five plus years in venue, security, and event staff management. She has worked with us for over six years. Her passion for events comes from a drive to create memories that last a lifetime. After starting her career in athletic venues, including time as the Event Manager for University of Denver Athletics and four years at Sports Authority Field at Mile High culminating in a position as Guest Relations Administrator, her passion has driven her to Nashville, TN where she excels in workforce planning and managing events for Axis Security, Inc. with clients such as LiveNation and the Country Music Association. She is a proud Denver Pioneer with a Masters of Business Administration in Organizational Development and Brand Management. Her specialties include event staffing, strategic security planning, and event logistics management. She believes that behind every great event is an even better staff of well-trained, well-led team members that make the magic happen.

Cindy is our rock star and very personable when it comes to greeting any of our event guests. She knows how to survive in any situation and most of that training came from her 22 years of being in the U.S. Air Force, serving as an Emergency Medical Technician, along with teaching survival swimming to infants and children. As a busy wife and mother of two, Cindy expertly puts her ability to multitask to use as an assistant for Willie Ripple Events, but we love her mingling with our guests and taking care of their needs. Since she is a world traveler too, she does great booking travel reservations for us.


Take a look at past intern assistants and where they are now.

All team members are professional and experienced. My passion is to help others through my talents; therefore, I choose to mentor only those interns who posses the same passion and ability I have to perform with excellence in the event industry. When interns are involved, you can be assured that, while guiding them to reach their potential in this business, I also supervise and review all their work for the highest accuracy and quality.

Savannah Nichols

Savannah is going into her third year at Wartburg College and is majoring in Journalism and Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and is minoring in Music. During her time interning at Willie Ripple Events she learned a significant amount about event planning logistics, operating a business, social media, and marketing. She came into her internship with little experience but was a quick learner and to this day she writes an occasional blog for us. With her internship she gained confidence in her event planning and business skills. Savannah says that she knows the skills she learned through her internship will transfer over into any career she has after college.

Aubree Taylor

Aubree is in her third year at Wartburg College majoring in Journalism & Communication with a concentration in Organizational &Public Relations and Minors in Business Marketing & Leadership. While working as an intern at Willie Ripple Events, Aubree says she gained an enormous amount of knowledge about the event planning industry, operating a business, and about herself. She came to Colorado unsure what career path she wanted to head down after college, mainly due to the fact of not knowing her best strengths and what she enjoyed most. By working with Willie Ripple Events she got experience in a number of different tasks including; writing, photography, event logistics, design, and marketing. From each and every job that we had her complete, it allowed her to grow as an individual and uncover her strengths and weaknesses. We held her to a very high standard and always expected 100% from her which she says she greatly appreciated. Willie was a great mentor, she says, helping her in areas where she really struggled and assisting her whenever she needed inspiration. She says the skills she acquired while with us will help her excel in her future classes and job careers. Taking a chance on a small town girl from Iowa was a win-win for us both, and we are excited to see where life takes her.

Kelly Sanchez

Kelly was an intern at Willie Ripple Events, the summer of 2016 and said she had so much fun!  We love what she had to say about us. “Willie has been an inspiration to me, with all of her creative ideas. Going to each event with her and watch her network was so much fun, she is such a natural. Willie has taught me to be extra detail oriented in planning events and that going the extra mile is the only way to go. My time with her was way too short and I hope to be working with her again in the industry.” We are excited to see where her path leads her and we always told her that she was the fastest typist we have every had working with us.

Kathryn Barlow

Katy is currently a highly motivated college student, and hopes to finish getting her Event Planning certification and pursue an associate’s degree in marketing. We saw traits in her that will make her successful one day which included being detail-oriented, organized, and hardworking. While interning for Willie Ripple Events she was excellent with social media, Photoshop and other computer software’s. She enjoyed adding her own spark to our events. Katy said she enjoyed her experiences with us, and seeing how logistics and behind the scenes of an event worked. We are excited to watch her progress though life and a career.

Kali Taaffe

Kali graduated from Metro State with her bachelor’s in human development – an elementary teaching license – and an event management certificate. She is also a devoted wife and mother. As an assistant at Willie Ripple Events, Kali skillfully utilizes her passion for parties and helping people create lasting memories on their special days.

Jordan Stoll

Jordan currently holds the title of Event Coordinator at A Music Plus Entertainment. While working as an intern at Willie Ripple Events, she felt Willie was a wonderful mentor to her in furthering her goal to become an event coordinator. For Jordan, working with Willie was so much fun, and each and every event was unique and creative. Willie taught her to never forget the small details when planning an event. She loved how each event was a completely new project, and the themes of each event were so much fun. Jordan can’t wait to work with Willie in the event-planning industry again.

Alison Geraty

Alison currently works as a Vacation Specialist for Inspirato- a luxury travel club. She creates fabulous vacations for their members in Mexico and Latin America. As a former intern at Willie Ripple Events, Alison remembers working with Willie as a great experience. Most importantly, Willie introduced her to so many connections in Denver to which she otherwise would never have been exposed. She recognized Willie’s incredible talent for keeping in good contact with people, no matter the distance or how much time had passed. She feels motivated by Willie to be a “mover and a shaker,” rather than waiting for things to fall in her lap.

A team member speaks out

“I have had the pleasure of serving with Willie on the board of the International Live Events Association, of being her assistant on a week-long corporate retreat, and of providing weekend coordination for a wedding she had planned. In each of these experiences, Willie’s creative attention to detail, energetic enthusiasm, and thoughtful personal interactions were remarkable. She has an ability to bring fresh ideas to each event that she plans, from the intimate or casual gathering to the sophisticated soiree to the more complex retreat with layers of detail and logistics. Willie has won multiple awards as a planner, authored numerous books on the topic of hosting themed parties, and holds the Certified Special Event Professional title. Her passion and dedication to the events industry is top notch.”

~ Stacy Horn with Juniper and Lace Events
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