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“Willie did a superb job with my company’s grand opening! She made sure I had several vendors and price ranges to choose from and was on point in creating the atmosphere I wanted. Her local contacts, follow up, attention to detail and response time was top notch. I highly recommend Willie Ripple Events and I’m looking forward to hosting another event and working with Willie again in the near future.”

Meredith Cole, Showroom Manager

Pental Surfaces- Denver


“Willie Ripple. She is the best. Extensive portfolio. Award winning events. You can’t go wrong” –Tom Clark, Attorney

Clark Legal Services


“Willie is very creative and comes up with amazing ideas for any event possible.”

-Belinda Porter of the Vine Events & Catering


 “I have had the pleasure of serving with Willie on the board of the International Live Events Association, of being her assistant on a week-long corporate retreat, and of providing weekend coordination for a wedding she had planned. In each of these experiences, Willie’s creative attention to detail, energetic enthusiasm, and thoughtful personal interactions were remarkable. She has an ability to bring fresh ideas to each event that she plans, from the intimate or casual gathering to the sophisticated soiree to the more complex retreat with layers of detail and logistics. Willie has won multiple awards as a planner, authored numerous books on the topic of hosting themed parties, and holds the Certified Special Event Professional title. Her passion and dedication to the events industry is top notch.”

Stacy Horn, Creative Director and Founder

Juniper and Lace Events




 “Willie was a total pro, she handled a 35th birthday party for my wife on short notice. Responsive, great ideas, had lots of good connections that she was able to draw on. Was very reasonable and budget-conscious when it came to her billing, items she selected/suggested, etc. 72 hours before the event we got news of a big snow storm (the party was supposed to be outdoors) and she quickly adapted everything to an indoor party and it worked wonderfully. The guests, and most importantly my wife, had a great time.”

Amid Mrig


“I cannot recommend Willie and her services highly enough.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give her a 15! She was contracted to facilitate a multi-city 3-day event to celebrate my grandfather’s life and accomplishments. He made an indelible mark on Colorado history. The event involved a two-day bus tour to two Colorado cities with a very detailed visit to several places on which he made an important contribution (conference grounds, banks and the law firm he founded 125 years ago. He was a man of peerless integrity and Willie showcased his accomplishments well. She did lots of research, coming up with information that none of us in the family even knew! Willie also planned and orchestrated special meal times, some in restaurants and catering others in homes. It was an amazing full-service experience! Willie goes the extra mile. I would love to personally answer any questions you may have. As I stated before, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give her a 15!”

-Al Roberts


 “Willie Ripple has planned two surprise sweet sixteen birthday parties for us over the past few years. Each one was uniquely different as Willie brought her wonderful abilities and talent to coordinate a memorable evening for 80+ kids. Willie is thorough, thoughtful, creative, conscientious, on time, easy to work with, an overall great party planner!”

Stellee Papadeas


You Are A Gem

“You are a true professional and I wish you were here in So Cal! You are a gem!!”

~ Heather Smith, Event Design, 24 carrots Catering & Events, Irvine, California

Elegant & Wonderful

“The affair was elegant, food was wonderful, and the love in the air was obvious.”

~ Jeremy & Robin


wre_emme“Dear Brides,

I have to admit it. I was a nervous wreck about something going wrong on the day of my wedding. I was sure that the cake would not show up, the tablecloths would be the wrong color, and the flowers would not arrive. Then I found Willie Ripple and all my worries about something going wrong simply disappeared. She is a terrific wedding coordinator!

The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is worry about all the last minute details, choreograph everyone in your party, and take care of mishaps. If you hire Willie Ripple, CSEP, the only thing you will have to worry about it remembering your vows. She is a fantastic wedding coordinator!

Willie does her best to make sure all of her brides get the wedding of their dreams. The first thing she did was to go through some checklists to find out our opinions on things such as when and where does everyone get ready, who was walking whom down the aisle, if we were having a receiving line (who to be in it, where to hold it, etc), and the timeline of the day. Once we established all of our preferences, Willie made sure that she had the names and numbers of all the vendors. Then she called each one to introduce herself, give her cell phone number to them as a contact, coordinate times for the wedding day, and finalize the plans that I had already set in place. Because of her proactive approach, everyone knew whom to contact on the day of the wedding if a problem should occur.

On the day of the wedding, I perceived everything as going as smooth as silk. Thanks to Willie, I didn’t know about any of the little problems that popped up behind the scenes until after my honeymoon. We were able to relax and enjoy our guests on our very special day. Here are some examples of her professionalism:

  • I was having problems with my lipstick, and Willie was on hand with a make-up kit and a steady hand.
  • One member of the string trio was extremely late. She improvised and had the duo play for guests while waiting for the third member to show up.
  • The cake was an hour late and still needed to be decorated by the florist. With a few phone calls, the problem was solved!
  • The photographer and videographer didn’t have a place to eat dinner. With a little arranging, she found a private table for them to sit at.
  • She helped coordinate the toasts so everyone knew when to speak.
  • Anytime anyone had a question, Willie was right there to answer it for them.

Hiring Willie to coordinate our wedding was the best thing we did for ourselves. She is professional, organized, knowledgeable, friendly, and reassuring. I just loved having Willie by my side. I know you will, too!”

~ Emme Otte, Bride and School Teacher


wre_julie“Thanks again for all of your help yesterday! You are so good at what you do girl! God has blessed you!”

~ Julie Gibb, Birthday Girl


“To the Future Bride,

I would like to recommend Willie Ripple to you as your wedding coordinator. I had Willie help me with all the final wedding preparations and with the wedding day itself. Willie reviewed the plans I made and then made suggestions on ways I could improve what I started with. She then added some fun and unique touches that I would not have thought of.

This attention to detail really paid off. The guest favors Willie recommended were a big hit, the presentation was well thought out and a timeline was developed leaving me feeling calm and prepared going into the big day.

On my wedding day, Willie is the one who kept me sane. Despite the best laid plans, numerous details were not right. If Willie hadn’t know my plans and been there to attend to all the minor adjustments, make last minute changes and keep me calm, I truly would have been in tears! I thank God for Willie. She remained calm and focused, provided me, the bride, with the assurance that everything would work out and pulled the day off without the guests being aware of any behind the scenes adjustments.

Just to give you an idea of some of the things Willie handled the day of the wedding; she picked up the flowers, supervised the room set-up, made a dress alteration, did my hair and advised on makeup, greeted all those involved with the wedding and let them know what to do and where to go, made sure all my belongings got back to me, kept track of the timing and advised us on when to start the toast, cut the cake, start the first dance, then followed up to see that the gifts made it to my home and that I got all the rental items returned. My friends and family all commented on what a wonderful wedding and reception it was and how fun and easy Willie was to work with. Well, I agree! Hiring Willie to take care of the details so you can enjoy your day is well worth it.

I highly recommend Willie as your wedding coordinator!”

~ Tina Delponte, Bride and GRI, Broker Associate with RE/MAX Professionals, Inc.

“P.S. A real bonus you get when you hire Willie, is that she is a hairdresser and can help you with your hair the day of the wedding! She did my hair and I loved it.”


“Willie has a natural propensity for co-ed events. She took the pressure off and let me enjoy the family memories in motion.”

~ Fran Delponte, Tina Delponte’s Mother


“I just wanted to say thanks for being such a great lead at Wednesday’s Fisher Investments. It was a pleasure to meet you and work with you. I hope I get to see you again.”

~ Susan Kraber, Co-worker


“When my sisters and I first started thinking about planning our sweet sixteen, the only thing we could agree upon was a neon theme. After that, we got in a fight about pretty much everything. Soon enough, our birthday was right around the corner and we had absolutely nothing planned. Then Willie came to the rescue. She helped us organize our theme, set a low budget and stick to it, as well as pulled off an amazing party on short notice.

So here are some things I absolutely loved about it. First, I loved not stressing about it so much, because I knew I had an experienced professional party planner helping me out. She helped come up with the awesome idea that we hand out our invitations in neon colored shot glass test tubes. My friends got a kick out of that, and it helped them to look forward to the party with curious and excited anticipation. I also liked how Willie was a good mediator between my sisters and I because, as triplets we sometimes have trouble getting along. When the guests first arrived they found a table full of Italian food and delicious pizza fondue, so that we could show off our heritage and impress our friends. The basement was a whole other matter. The decorations transformed the room into a neon club setting, blacklights were everywhere and the display was impressive. Willie got all those things together without my sisters and I having to do a thing. Aside from the decorations being awesome, Willie organized a candy table with pictures of us as babies, while incorporating fun neon candy and more test tubes. My friends, especially my guy friends, were in love with that table, and it was a huge success. The party was very teenage friendly and it made way so that my friends and I could have a good time dancing and just hanging out with each other. Willie succeeded in creating a wonderful atmosphere for our party as well as she pulled the whole thing together amazingly on short notice. Without Willie, my sisters and I probably wouldn’t have had a party, and I am eternally grateful for how well it turned out. If I was planning a party I wouldn’t ask for anyone else. Thanks Willie!”

~ Olivia Onofrio, One of triplet sisters

“Having you help plan the party made our party so much better than it possibly could have been had we been planning it on our own. My sisters and I couldn’t really agree on anything when it came to planning our party. We were especially unsure about location, themes, decorations, entertainment, and food. So pretty much everything. You provided great ideas on where to have the party, creative ideas for decoration, and helped us pick themes and entertainment that we all agreed on. What really made our party experience so wonderful was all the time and effort you really put into making everything go as smoothly as possible. You dedicated a lot of time into going shopping with us, researching cool neon themed decorations, ordering, decorating, even taking photos during the actual party. I really liked the tube shot glass invitations and the bright neon lights that decorated the room. And even though we didn’t end up using the car location I thought that was an incredible idea. Everything about the party was great.”

~ Stefannie Onofrio, One of triplet sisters

“The sweet sixteen Mrs. Ripple helped me plan was amazing. She made my party unique and amazing. Not only were the decorations outstanding but so was the food. The kids favorite was the candy table. The way it was displayed was beautiful and eye catching. My party wouldn’t have been as perfect and fun as it was without Mrs. Ripple.”

~ Angelica Onofrio, One of triplet sisters


“You rock, girlfriend!! We have had such incredible feedback from the party you helped create, and graciously managed! As promised, you kept people moving – everyone got downstairs to watch our wedding DVD and have dessert and coffee. The beverage table on the deck was located perfectly. We liked the simplicity of having alcohol and water/soda choices separate, making it easier for our guests.

We were a little concerned about having to come up with a theme – until we realized that our theme had to be music! We know our guests will have something to remember our party by besides us! Having Bill’s saxophone on the dining room table will be etched in everyone’s memory, as well as the clarinet and mandolin on the dessert table downstairs. I would never have displayed my chorus picture, had it not been for the theme. It just added to the blend of our music interests!

After a 4 hour party, it was so relaxing to sit on the deck with the remaining guests at 6:00 while you were cleaning up, washing, drying and putting away everything that was used on the tables, etc.

You are one gifted gal. Jesus was clearly the “event planner” and you a very able and willing vessel! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a job well done, and a memorable party. Coming in at “budget” was a bonus too!

Thank you, thank you!”

~ Judi Suhonen

“Thanks Willie, you did a great job.”

~ Bill Suhonen


“The party was out of this world amazing!!”

~ Janelle Washburne, MSW, Highlands Ranch, Colorado


“Thank you again for giving us the event of a lifetime last Summer!”

All our best to you,

~ Shawna Fisch


“My daughter’s wedding was a beautiful event that I was able to relax and enjoy thanks to Willie Ripple’s wedding planning expertise. From booking venues, caterers and DJ’s to the tiniest detail of the reception, Willie made it happen and saved us dollars in the process! She actively listened to our visions, gave us advice when needed and worked to ensure that the entire event from the ceremony to the reception went smoothly, was uniquely our own and exceeded our highest expectations. I was able to enjoy myself and our guests, confident that every detail was in place.

Willie begins her planning process by finding out what is most important to her clients and keeping these values first and foremost in her mind during the planning process. She has a delightful personality that fits right in to the celebratory atmosphere all the while seeing that every detail goes as planned. Willie is experienced, organized and detail oriented as you would expect from an event planner. What makes her stand out is the enthusiasm and passion she brings to her work and her focus on the desires of her clients resulting in a truly memorable and extraordinary experience for both her clients and their guests.”

~ Vanessa Reiter, Kendra Appleton’s Mother


“Willie Ripple took our wedding day dreams and ran with them, helping us to create a personalized and memorable event! She was always willing to help with everything from little detail-oriented questions to dealing with mishaps on the big day. Willie’s enthusiasm for event planning matched with her creative mind make her quite the catch! We appreciate everything she did in helping us create our perfect wedding day.”

~ Kendra & Luke Appleton


“For my wedding this past October (2010), it was an honor to have Willie Ripple as part of the most beautiful day in our lives…to date. Along with my parents, we were appreciative of the expertise and attention to detail she provided to us during the process of pulling together my wedding day. Her experience in catering, vendor management, contract review/negotiations, and overall event management shone-through in spades during the final weeks, days and hours before our event. She pays attention to the smallest of details so that come the day of your event there isn’t anything for you to worry about, which was one of the most important things to me on my wedding day.

Willie’s humor, hard work and willingness to go the extra mile assured my husband, our wedding party and families that it was going to be a day in which we could all have fun without worry. I could not have asked for a higher level of service and would recommend Willie Ripple Events to any person in search of someone to make their event a very successful event. She made our wedding day more beautiful than I could have imagined and will be eternally grateful to her.”

~ Tara

“Willie, we cannot thank you enough! From the initial planning of Tara’s wedding all the way through to the day of the event you made sure that every detail was covered insuring us a very successful and most enjoyable celebration. It gave us great peace of mind knowing that you were in charge keeping everything and everyone on task from beginning to end! Thanks a million Willie!!”

~ Bob and Kathy, Tara’s parents

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