According to the the word “welcome” can mean received with pleasure and hospitality into one’s company or home: a welcome guest.

In the event-planning business if we make a bad first impression, clients won’t use us again or recommend us to others. Also, guests may leave events early and talk badly about the event. Welcoming both our clients and their guests are always a top priority for Willie Ripple Events.

How do you do hospitality in your home? Here is one small, yet crazy way that I do hospitality in my home. This example shows questions I ask my guests when I offer them a drink. My goal is to serve my guests, make them feel special, and leave a great lasting impression.  And it works every time.

Here are just a few questions I ask my home guests but only after having many choices of drinks for them to choose from, usually set out on my counter.

Would you like a stemless glass, stem glass, or keep it in the bottle, short glass or tall glass, cup with handle or no handle, cup with inspiration saying on it, ice or no ice crushed or cubed, thick or thin straw or no straw, warm or hot?

Yes, it takes effort and work to do this but this is my style and fits my needs. This style carries over into the events I do. For example, when guests walk into an event I want them to feel welcome. I like to greet them as soon as they walk in, offer to take coats and jackets, explain to them the location of things to include restrooms, food and drink, their seats, and finally what they can do next. I also try to introduce them to others if time permits. You get the idea, have fun and uncover your own style.