#TSE2016 – Part 3 of 3 – 2016 Trends

Food and Drink: Locally sourced is still big, who doesn’t like fresh!! Add pheasant and charred vegetables to the equation and what a great meal you can have, but don’t forget the dessert with a charred sugar on top. Sriracha anything is big too, just look at any menu and see it along with walking the isles of the grocery store, you can’t get any from it. Recently I saw chicken soup on a menu with Sriracha in the soup and on the crackers. Who wants a bowl? Sophistication happens when you choose one of the thousands of ice cream for your dessert along with craft beers. Yes, artesian cocktails are still popular especially when you team them up with a mixologist that can create a show around making them.

Guest Experiences: You better have charging stations at your event if you want your guests to stick around. You can find the chargers in all kinds of furniture and as stand along items like cubes that can be hidden into centerpieces. Mobile anything is in too; but we knew that. For corporate executives there are many new cool pieces of furniture to use in theatre style seating that can be put together in a flash but is fancy, fancy, fancy and functional too. Mixed seating is around still for 2016, pair your table with different kinds of chairs/benches and colors.

Weddings: Not new this year, but still carrying over into 2016. The look is to let all your bridesmaid choose their own style dress. Also, think ombre with any color palette.

There you have it…now don’t forget to create your own trends and share with the world.