#TSE2016 – Part 2 of 3 – 2016 Trends

Welcome back to Part 2, where we talk about the new trends that were presented at The Special Event 2016 show held in Orlando. This past January leaders in the event industry were sharing what they believe the 2016 trends will be. Open ears and lots of note taking happened next. A lot of the new trends come from the fashion industry, so keep tight tabs on this industry and you can almost predict the trends yourselves. Let’s get started.

Fabrics and Design: Graphics, Lace (use as a table runner), and geometric, and plunging necklines

Colors: Pantone Serenity and Rose Quartz. Not many in the industry like the color choices this year. It is the first time two colors were chosen instead of one. I did see a tablescape for a wedding that used these two colors. They had serenity blue fabric for the chair pads and the rose quartz for the linen and it really did look stunning. I myself have teamed these two colors together for an upcoming event. Check out my pinterest board for the 2016 color of the year. https://www.pinterest.com/willieripple/2016-colors-of-the-year. Other suggested trend colors were black & white and a nude coral blush.

The World: The world is getting smaller in the sense that we can ship many items overnight from many places including Holland for fresh flowers. The growers are now letting people other then florists make purchases.

Metals and Nature: Mix, toss, and turn…. basically add them all together and see what you get. Think tables, décor, and lounges. Any and all natural elements can be considered. Many designers spend time in nature to get new ideas. Have you taken a walk lately?

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