Denver Party Ride recently contacted us to contribute to their most recent blog post. They asked us, and 14 other professionals, the question, “Bringing two families together for a wedding can be very stressful on a couple.  What advice do you have for any bride and groom to avoid family drama on the big day?” and received a lot of excellent responses.

Common replies included setting strict boundaries by reminding your family that this is your wedding day, having the two families meet prior to the wedding, utilizing a seating chart, and of course, hiring a wedding planner! Most also agreed that couples should expect the best from both of their families. Generally, people put aside their differences and use their best behavior for weddings.

You can read our response to the question below:


First and foremost, hire a wedding planner. I, as a wedding planner, talk to the couple to find out the family/friend dynamics to figure out if there will be any conflicts with certain people and situations. This gives me direction on how to handle the logistics.

Some more tips are:

  • Make both sides of the family feel equally involved with the wedding. For example, invite both the mother and soon-to-be mother in law when wedding dress shopping.
  • Be mindful of the seating chart. Seat people around other people you know they like and separate them from people you know they don’t like.
  • Merge the two families together at events prior to the wedding.
  • The Bride and Groom should be conscious of who they choose to be in the bridal party and what jobs they assign them. Jealousy can arise when the maid of honor and best man are chosen.
  • Make sure to tell your wedding planner about divorced parents and parents who are dating. A lot of drama can come from this.


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