Old Mission Flowers, located in Traverse City, Michigan is a summertime garden (May – August) where customers pick their own bouquets, and love doing so. As the President and Creative Director of Willie Ripple Events, I was introduced to this farm (a hidden gem I thought), through my friend Stacy Horn, owner of Juniper and Lace Events who lives in Traverse City, whom I recently visited. I was fortunate enough to be able to pick some flowers that were still in bloom in the month of October. We then went to tour a lighthouse and there it was, a bouquet from Old Mission Flowers, the farm I just visited. It was beautiful as you can see in the photo. I certainly wish I could visit again or better yet find a u-pick it flower farm where I live. There was a sense of peace and comfort at this garden and I could tell the owner put a lot of LOVE and time into her garden. Thank you Old Mission Flowers for allowing me the opportunity to experience my first u-pick it flower farm. Stop by Old Mission Flowers the next time you are in Traverse City, but do it at the beginning of your trip so you can enjoy the flowers for a few days.

Watch the video below!

How this u-pick it flower farm works:

Use their scissors, which are on the self-serve stand to cut your flowers and immediately put them in a vase you bring, or purchase at the self check out stand. They even have plastic containers they offer for free. You are on an honor system to pay 50 cents per stem for most flowers and foliage, less $ for smaller flowers and more $$ for large flowers. You can pay with cash or a check and put your money into the white money tube at the stand. They even have a pitcher of water for you to fill your vase with. As I drove away with my flowers the owner pulled up and waved a friendly hello with a BIG smile on her faceā€¦.I knew I had just made her day. @oldmissionflowers @juniperandlaceevents

Old Mission Flowers Video with Willie Ripple Events